Wednesday, April 1, 2009


For those of you I lied to, forgive me! I wanted to keep it sooo very very quiet until the very end. I would have hated myself to ruin it at the eleventh hour. NEway, behold, the lovely Mrs. Kawamura!! We are in Las Vegas BABY~ staying at the lush Wynn Encore hotel. We're here with just family - small and intimate wedding - more pictures to come. Enjoy for now!


  1. APRIL FOOL'S!!!

    Just kiddin' of course. So happy for the both of you. I was wondering if you'd get hitched before Geoff and Lauren. After got engaged when I was still working with you, which believe it or not, my untimely release was 2 years ago now!
    BTW: This is Melinda. I just happen to be writing from Ryan's account.

  2. You look gorge---ious! When's the bachellorette party? hahahaha.

    On a side note, is your dad wearing a mystic bolo tie? Because my dad WEARS ONE TOO!!!! I am not even joking you right now.