Thursday, April 23, 2009

An adventure in the yard..

There's this area in front of my kitchen window where rain water collects, and sometimes it turns into a handsome pond. I don't often see kids playing around there, but there were these 4 kids that were just doing their kid thing this afternoon. One accidently dropped their little monkey toy in the pond. I noticed them because I heard a lot of yelling out my window... And as kids do, they started to think up of some crazy ways to get that doll out of the water. I witnessed them throwing rocks at the ducks in the pond so that they would swim over to the doll, as to bump the doll to shore? That failed, since ducks can fly. It was fun watching their little brains ticking. After a few failed attempts with short garden tools, the wind blew in their favor, and the monkey doll was saved. I thought that the adventure was over, so went back to whatever I was doing at the moment. Ten minutes later I walked past the window again to see the MONKEY DOLL IN THE POND AGAIN! Kids...what the hell are they thinking?!

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