Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My it's so BIG...

I thought I'd dedicate a post to the mighty Grand Canyon since I went snap-happy CRAZY on our helicoptor ride. It was a killer experience; and my first time riding a heli! We took a tour that landed inside the canyon, and made a quick gas station stop in the desert. The whole tour only took 3 hours! Words really can't describe the awesomeness of the canyon, nor do pictures give it justice. We had blue skies when we set off from Vegas, but ended up with a few rolling clouds. The pilot was really excited when it started to rain at a low altitude, cuz as he says, it never happens. I guess we were lucky??

What would have been a 2 hour car ride was a 20 minute helicopter ride into the canyon. Yes I'm sure there is yet another feel to climb down the canyons, but heck! I don't like exercise. :) I gotta say, good bang for the buck!

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