Friday, May 29, 2009

tono is off with the vet...

Went back to the vet to board tono for the weekend, since my husband and I are attending a wedding in upstate New York. Tono's blood test came back negative -- so basically we've ruled out everything except for a brain tumor. It's really hard to grasp, and as I read online of treatments and methods..there's really nothing you can do but to put them thru an MRI, chemo, radiation...and that's just too much for a cat his age.

I don't think I can handle writing about him and his condition any longer, so this is the last post I'm going to make about Tonji. Of course, unless he ups and miraculously gets better. In reality, his condition is slow and gradual, and I can't keep downing myself and everyone else by writing about it daily.

Well wishes and prayers are most appreciated.
Have a good weekend -- I am hoping it's nice weather over in the East. :)

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