Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So Marquette is this small town in Upper Michigan where my sister went to grad school. Though compared to some of the itsy bitsy towns we drove through, Marquette was a lot more populated and diverse.
Graduation took place on Saturday morning, in what is the famous Superior Dome-it's the world's largest wooden dome (who knew! in Marquette!) It was actually pretty impressive. Kinda smelled like a wooden cabin inside.

          The Superior Dome entrance and rooftop

The graduation was nothing out of the ordinary, though the entire graduating class was there, and each person's name was called out (no not by school or degree...EVERYONE) which was just..too..long. But heck, we all endured, and we saw my sister finally graduate! yay!

left: my sis 'n' me right: my sis 'n' her boyfriend, who didn't even smile for our wedding pictures with Elvis!

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