Friday, May 22, 2009

my poor tonji 2

So tono is home and in isolation: the vet believes that he is stressed from the kittens, and it would be best to let him be in a room of his own. He was diagnosed with an ulcer in his eye, and some sort of infection in his mouth/teeth that's preventing him from opening his mouth completely. (the cause is still unknown, because we need to fix the ulcer first) Poor thing. He'll get drops and antibiotics...and muchos love and care from me. Thank goodness it wasn't a virus or leukemia. He's still in pretty bad shape, but hopefully he will get better in the coming week.
I end this week on a down note, but here's a picture of the lovely tono before his declining health.
have a good memorial weekend, y'allz.

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  1. Sending healing thoughts to tonji....届け~!