Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby Taro

I'm actually still in Ann Arbor, extending my 4th of July weekend till Tuesday, since my parents are coming down to Chicago then. Of course, that is thanks to a wonderfully understanding husband who drove all the way home by himself so that I could enjoy a few extra days with family :)

I wrote earlier that I was seeing my nephew, but he's actually my cousin's first child, so that would first cousin once removed (I just looked this up on WikiAnswer). How confusing.

Anyway, since I didn't bring my USB cable for the camera, I can't upload the pictures. BUT, I had the brilliant idea to sit the baby in front of the laptop and use photobooth to take a few pix. Here's me trying to force Taro to laugh for the camera. hehehe.
No forcing necessary after awhile though. (He likes buttons and keyboards)

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