Saturday, March 28, 2009

The infamous vet visit

I took all three of my cats to the vet the other day. The weight was hassle enough to take all three. In light of some bad news (the tabby has an eye infection), I also found out the two kittens were half burmese! I had gotten word from the foster mother that she though they had some siamese blood...but apparently that was wrong.

This is a picture of some purebred Burmese babies. I see the similarity.

Here is a small description of a burmese cat and its characteristics:

As kittens, Burmese are quite lively. They often seem clumsy whe
n they attempt feats beyond their capabilities and land on their rears with solid little thumps. They will be playful well into adulthood. As Burmese grow, their high intelligence emerges and their own individual personalities start to unfold. They mature into charming, resolute executives who move in and take over a household, running it efficiently with those big eyes and a velvet paw. If encouraged, many Burmese converse with their humans, using soft, sweet voices.

I am looking forward to them being this playful well into adulthood. Oi!

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